Friday, February 27, 2009

Cello - 33

I've introduced the first section of the viaduct..I've not decided what will be visible beyond it yet. Work on the commission piece I told you about has now reach the final stages...I should have it finished within the next few days. then I can devote my time fully to pushing this picture on..progress is painfully slow as I only work on it during the evenings for couple of hours leaving the main daytime hours to the other piece. The only analogy I can think of to describe working on this picture is like free wheeling down a very long hill on a bicycle but with the brakes constantly applied when all the time you just want to let go.


Bob-kat said...

I am always amazed at the amount of detail that are in your pictures - the grass and dandelion heads have real depth. It's hard to believe you have done all this with dots! :)

Shachi said...

I loved this! Hats off to ur imagination :)