Monday, February 09, 2009

Cello - 23 Burlesque,life love and death...

Looking for textures and patterns:

The fasteners on the suspenders of the girl with the skeleton are butterflies..the stockings are spider webs. So it seemed an interesting idea to make Cello Girl's fasteners out of spiders and the stockings with a pattern of black roses.

I was quite struck by the burlesque show we attended the other night. Not purely for the aesthetics but the concept..I'd never dream of going into a strip seems so seedy and ...well,clinical (don't ask me why i used that word but it seemed right). But Burlesque seems to exist on a very different plane of artistic being. It is fairy tales for the adult..I can only point you back to Grimm's Fairy Tales in which the magical comedic and beautiful appear with the dark, horrific and terrifying. The mixture,like real life, seeks to not only remind us of our mortality, but also of our immortality within our dreams and desires, our aspirations. It takes us out of the ordinary and presents us with another world of possibilities and fantasy.

Having spent a night in such a wonderfully shadow filled Technicolour cavern of beauty, you'd expect the exit from the theatre to be dour cold and empty.But you'd be wrong...burlesque presents us with a reality that affirms life alongside dreams and fantasy. It tells us that we are human...we will one day perish..but life is for living and love is a many faceted jewel for us all to share...and we carry it in each of our selves if we only took the time to discover. Of course it might just only be about watching pretty women take their clothes off and I'm just deluding myself!

Blimey!...I didn't plan to write that, but that's the effect it has had on me.


Devil Mood said...

Sounds like a truly Scorpionic experience.
I like seeing the Cello piece in the middle of the other images. It's like finding something familiar in someone else's home.

Niall said...

DM...What a lovely thing to say!..I think some consider this to be a rather cold and detached drawing,but I have invested a huge amount of time and deliberation into it..there is so much more to do.And whilst I spend all day working on my other picture..this one was always going to be slow to emerge.But Thank you so much for the encouragement!...and yes, 'Scorpionic' is a good experience of things is always emmersive!

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