Friday, February 06, 2009

Cello - 20

OK..this should cause you Freudian Analysts something to chew over, or to suck on; whatever the level of analysis you want to delve into :-)... a train will once again pass in the background...Here you can see the basic sketching of the 'Intercity 125' which I've purposefully chosen to be in it's inaugural livery seen back in the late 1970's..that being a significant time in my life. trains have always figured highly in my life and imagination. My current plans as far as this piece goes, is to have a moon up in the sky (hence the 2 pence coin) and the windows of the train to be glowing in the gloom....I think the train will also be on a bridge, but I've not decided yet...


Bob-kat said...

IHmmm..the train is one thing, but your obsession with frilly knickers is another, LoL! I wonder what Freud would make of that! :)

BTW - love the snowman in the last post!

Claudine said...

beautifull! and again ...looks like a Paul Delvaux with the train, this is a compliment, nothing else Niall.
Was a long time ago I was here, sorry, but you see .. I come back!

beautifull foto's also from the winter! and your daughter is so lovely!

congratulations Niall, will read more next time, is very interresting

Niall said...

BK...You make it sound as my 'obsession with Frilly Knickers'is something to be worried about..I do think they are becoming a bit of a trade mark in my work..and there is a reason for them as there is for all components of my will need to ply me with dangerous beverages if you want to know the whole story!

Claudine... I am honoured that you compare my work to Paul Delvaux, I think I fall drastically short of his wonderful paintings, but I do create some of the atmosphere of his work.
It's really great to see you on these pages once again ..especially after all the Chemo therapy you've had to endure..

AscenderRisesAbove said...

I am thinking similar to Laurie Lipton. Do you know her work? I have followed her work for years and years.

Bob-kat said...

I'm intrigued now! LoL :D