Friday, February 13, 2009

Cello - 27 the Stool.

As you'll see by all the rubbing out and redrawn pencil lines, I'm finding the flippin' stool a bit of an annoyance.The right leg looked OK when I drew it, but seeing it enlarged here I see it needs another redraw..well perhaps only the top bit.

I spent time today putting together an application to exhibit at a local Arts Festival..then spent about an hour driving around in the dark trying to find the correct address to deliver it to tonight as today was the closing date for applications.I eventually found the place and handed over my papers. I exhibited last year at the inaugural Willington Arts Festival.This year events are spread over two weekends in April/May.I should hear sometime next week if I've been accepted.


Devil Mood said...

I forgot to say I love the leggings!
Good luck with the application!