Saturday, November 11, 2006

Autumnal 4..A day with Annie

An odd sort of day. Jan left just after 6:00am to take part as an extra in a film: 'When did you last see your father?'..I took Annie to her dance lesson at the Derby Dance Centre. A surreal place to be..All middle class Mums and Dads sitting with their Blackberry's and Lattes..I decided to immerse myself in my book: 'Tis' by Frank McCourt.. After spending 45 mins in New York getting drunk and getting drafted for the Korean war, I picked Annie up and headed into town. It's Jan's birthday tomorrow and I still hadn't bought her anything. Annie was patient and tolerant of me. I spoke with her later about how the world must appear to her being dragged along on the end of a huge hand staring at all the giants crowding around her...At one point we stopped in the middle of a stream of bustling bodies to look up..The Eagle Centre is having lots of building to create the Westfield development. Above us was a circular window looking up to the scaffoling and cranes..We both exclaimed a "Wow!"...It was majestic and very not Derby..

Having spent our money we jumped in a taxi home. I've spent the whole day with her..(Sam and Will are out..Sam is now with Jan in Nottingham watching a couple of Harold Pinter plays. )..It was a special time. A Father and Daughter should spend time together. She sees the world in such a wonderful way and asks questions of the things I should know..We end up looking for the answers together.

After reading 'Tracy Beaker' she is now asleep. The house awaits the return of the boys and Jan. I feel like I've had a significant event but will not know the outcome for some time.