Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Evidence of autumn..The muse under the trees.

Had just got back in time to leave for school..I'd decided to think up a lesson plan on the way in..it was raining and I'd planned to take my class into the park to draw. But had to shelve that idea..what could I do..I'd left my equipment in the boot of the car and Jan had taken the car to her rehearsals. I trudged through my beloved terraced streets of Normanton, Be-veiled apparitions walked past me..a teenage girl sat on a wall smoking, taxis shot by with home bound shoppers..a delivery lorry squeezing around a tight corner..what was I doing?..who was I trying to fool?..In a short while, I'd be standing infront of the children and I was to deliver something to change their lives (at least that is what I try to do each time I do my lesson)..and what..I'd got nothing ..I entered the Arboretum for a short walk into the school and saw this:

I could only stand in reverence..a gentle sound of the breeze, the smell of decaying leaves ..the yellow and the gold all snugly sitting under a grey sky. The plaintive melodies of an old Genesis tune crept into my senses ('Evidence of autumn') A beautiful song that stired my heart, time seemed to stand still for a while and I was lost to my reverie.. Then like the moment when you wake just one minute before the alarm clock jangles your sleep clouded mind..I knew it was time to leave ..

As I left, I looked over my shoulder expecting my dreamlike self to be running off under the trees, hand in hand with my Muse...I turned instead and was sure that I now had all I needed to weave a little magic.