Thursday, November 23, 2006

Self 8

Is it a blessing or a curse? You have the mechanics and ability to to turn dreams and concepts in to reality..the pigment on the paper, words on the shape to stone or form to clay. That deep within is the absolute necessity to drag the infant idea out kicking and screaming to lie upon a green towel in the sterile environment free of pollution and taint...the embodiment of your creativity.

How terrible then not to have the way of alchemy..the magic that transports an idea into the terrible to not know the creation of beauty or truth. It is at this point I realise that the way of the 'Artist' is a blessing..a way to give form to the hopes and dreams of a generation. Lofty ideals I'll grant you especially when all I draw are pretty trees. But as PS has lie back upon your hammock and state to the universe.."I'm not scarred of anything" is a statement of intent...never mind the fear that you actually feel.

Was it not Garfield who once said.."OK Monday...Give it your best shot..I'm ready for you!"?


Ps said...

It is indeed a blessing and fortunate are those who are blessed with talent.It is a gift to be able to express,to be able to create (whatever be the end result)and no,they are not lofty ideals.The picture is looking good.The glow on your face because of the candle light, has become so clear in this one. Is it because of the work in the background, or did you add magic?:-)