Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Street 3

Hello!..A rainy day here in Derby. It's also unusual to note that the leaves are still on most of the trees! Thanks to Jon Bon jovi's hair spray! I've been up to Littleover School today to appear again at the Arts Fair, then in to ST James for my class there. Not much time for my own work today but I hope to grab an hour or so later.

Today I got my regular Email from the people who supply my site meter (Seen at the bottom of this page). Included in the statistical breakdown is a list of locations from which people are viewing my site from. I was pleasantly amazed to see people from all over the world popping in to see my pictures grow. Amongst these are a couple of regular visitors (you know who you are!) but I'd just like to say thank you to you all for visiting, please continue to do so, and tell your friends!

This posting is dedicated to two regular but anonymous visitors from Coalville in Leicester and Wokingham. Thank you!!