Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Self 6

I've started to work on the background..It's a little misleading at the moment as to what the final appearance will be..I have to denote the pattern in what are a pair of closed curtains, behind which is daylight.(Make what you will of the symbolism!) I've once again not been able to spend the amount of time I'd hoped to on work today. I've been in to Arboretum House this morning and have been almost constantly driving about giving lifts, picking up and cooking meals. I did manage to post off the artwork for the Edinburgh Marathon and pay my National Insurance bill..(all trappings of the self employed!)
This morning I was working with two people at the residential home..we were using oil pastels..I was introduced by the Manager to a Social Services Inspector. I was introduced as 'The Artist'..not much to cheer about you might think..but even after the eleven months since I've turned professional, I've not been refered to as "The Artist"..outwardly I smiled but inwardly I was cartwheeling and whooping for joy!!!!!!!This is how I want to be known.
I've been 'haunted ' today by the film 'A Very Long Engagement' which I saw last night. Directed by Jean Pierre Jeunet (Amelie) it told the story of Mathilde (Audrey Tatou) searching for her lover who was supposedly executed for desertion from duty in the French Army during WW1. Using similar story telling mechanics to Amelie, it was a beautiful and heart rending story. Wonderfully shot in muted tones and quirky camera angels. If you (Like me) have been deeply effected by 'Amelie''ll love this one!