Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Railings 3

Despite my busy day, I've managed around 3 hours on this.

Today I sat at Littleover School surounded by eager disbelieving teenagers who all wanted to know how long the pictures took, how do I do them? etc.....In the corner three girls were playing violins/violas...Vivaldi,Albinoni I think it was..and it was somehow very magical. It was at that very school one MR.Brown once encouraged me to pursue a career in art...he even gave me my first technical pen which I think was a Rapidograph...I looked into the eyes of the gathered students, and there it was...all that potential...screaming out..the future of mankind so to speak. Perhaps if I can influence just one person to look at their world with the kind of eyes that ask why?..the kind of mind that wants to interpret it all and draw, paint, sculpt..write...I will have acheived Alchemy! and the world will be a better place.