Friday, November 17, 2006

Self (pencil sketch)

Ok..I've used a tracing to make sure my features are correct. It all looks very bare at the moment. I have the benefit of knowing what all the colouring will, but you will have the pleasure of seeing it all revealed over the next few weeks. For a picture of this size and darkness, I estimate it will take around 60-70 hours of work.
In the picture I am holding my left hand to the camera..this is because I am left handed and according to the physiologists, the right side of my brain is dominant (shown here by only revealing my right eye)..... Like they say: "Left handed people are always in their right mind"


Margret said...

This is very intriguing, oh master artist!
The picture strikes me as both self-defensive in an aggressive way, denying entrance to your true self to your Creator....I sensed something worrying about it.
It's brilliant in its truthfulness, though!
I'm also reminded of another much older black & white picture of the little man furtively hunched up, holding a candle in the midst of the frigthening darkness of the forest....