Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Self 5. It's my Birthday!

I've started to build up the shadows and reflection on my head..It'll be really effective once you see the contrasting colours in the background taking shape!

I'm taking it easy today because it's my Birthday!..I spent some time in the bath this morning reading a new book Jan bought me: 'The Zahir' by Paulo Coehlo. (You may remember me making reference to having read 'The Alchemist'?) I'm off to ST James later to run my next group. Then as a family we're going to eat 'Moroccan Lamb' Tagine tonight (My favourite dish!) I've then got a couple of new DVDs to watch both with Audrey Tatou in!(Remember Amelie?). Jan also gave me a load of relaxing bath stuff (From 'Lush')..my sleep is still poor and the hope is that these will help me to unwind.

If I get time..I'll let you know how it's all going!


Ps said...

Happy Birthday Niall.Hope you have a great day.I'm surprsed that you get "lush" products in the UK too.I thought you get it only here in India.I had trouble sleeping in the nights sometime back.A friend who is British (he's from Norwich)gave me this herbal remedy called "Nytol".It says on the container that its made by Stafford Miller Ltd.Welwyn Garden City AL7 3SP.I used it only once (lest it becomes addictive)but it did help a lot.I love Paulo Coelho.Have read "Alchemist" ,"Eleven Minutes","Veronica decides to die" ,"By the river Piedra,I sat down and wept","The devil and Miss Prym" and "Valkyries". In fact I have all these books in my collection.
As regards the photo I posted on my blog,the trees indeed bend that way--its amazing.Its one of my favorite photos and just looking at it transports me back to the place.
I've gone on and on!
Have a fabulous day.