Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Self 14

Past half way now and the overall richness of the composition is starting to show..The depth of colour is not what I'd hoped for but once finished I'll delete all the original photos so no one will be able to compare them!

I've had a busy day. went into Arboretum House this morning, sat and did some sketching with Edith and Albert. Then my glasses fell apart..disaster.once I got home though I was able to mend them. Had to collect Annie from school. Then drop Jan at a hotel where she was acting in a murder mystery party (already having done 3 performances of Who's Shoes? today!)..then drive home to cook tea..then take Will and his friend to Youth Club. Then put Annie to bed..pick Will and his friend up..then get Will to bed...then fetch Jan from her job..managed to sit down to do this at 11pm!!..ah the wonders of family life.