Monday, November 27, 2006

Self 12

Have put in the hours today!At last I have begun to tackle the hand...(Don't try reading my palm..I'm left handed!) and start on the really boring bit which is my jumper. Have now completed over 30 hours in total. I reckon it'll take about another 25 or more to finish. Don't get me wrong..I'm in no hurry..I'm enjoying my time with my fact it's a rather strange experience..when you look at someones face so much you become familiar with all that makes up the whole..wonky noses, spots, hairs, mannerisms etc..Now I've stared at myself for so long I almost view the picture of me as someone else. I don't know what I've learnt about 'me'..except..(try this)..stand about six feet away from the screen..screw your eyes up ..then hopefully if you've screwed them up tight enough you'll not be able to see anything!.............a most pleasing outlook!

Jan's play: 'Who's Shoes' had it's first performances today..all went well. Now that they're under the belt there are only 27 more performances to go!!! It's at the school I teach at tomorrow, so I will be able to see it. I'll let you know how it went!!!


Ps said...

As per the ancient science of palmistry, the lines of the left hand tell you what was 'destined',and the lines on your right hand show what you have made of the cards handed out to you--they show how you have acted, to alter the course of destiny ,in other words,how free play or your actions has changed what would have been.I dont know if all this makes sense--this is what I read sometime back!And now that you mention it I shall definitely look at the lines on your palm :-):-)