Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Derby Arboretum Collection 2

Here are the finished works in the second of my Arboretum series. Although weaker than the first collection, it is notable for the 'Walking the dog' piece which I'm realy pleased with! Of course it should be noted that the pictures are only together to facilitate ease of copying..the final prints will be separate and will be for sale individually mounted. Should someone wish to frame a series of pictures, it is just a case of 'pick and mix'!


Margret said...

Ah, yes, this quadrilogy, 'Arboretum collection 2' is great! Having massively fallen behind with 'looking over your shoulder'
I'm only just now catching up on the rest of October. I really enjoy this. It's like having my own private Art collection on my screen always available :-) You ought to start charging for the privilege! ;-)