Sunday, November 26, 2006

Self 11...The smell of Christmas cake!

Currently the house is full of the smell of my Christmas cake. It's been baking now for around 4 hours and has a little way to go yet. I try to make one about this time each year. Mainly due I think to memories I have enjoyed throughout my life aroused by various smells, culinary, Domestic etc....I once described to Jan how so many instances in my life have been imprinted on my mind due to smell. Christmas food..mince pies, sherry,...coal fires. Birthdays with Brandy coffee. Disinfectant..(Zoflora) reminds me of the kittens we looked after..gooseberry pie at my Granny's..and so many memories from childhood triggered by smells...I hope that the imprint my cake smells leave on my children's senses are with them forever!

As I sit in my room working on my picture..I can detect a faint perfume coming from a candle that Jan gave me as a Valentines gift. Lavender. I will mark this period in my life by Lavender I think. The last few nights have seen me sleeping much better. Perhaps mainly because of the various products Jan bought from 'Lush' for my Birthday. Though I have often associated Lavender with 'old ladies'..I now know it as a deeply sensual and calming influence the pervades all one's senses.
Tonight we sit on the edge of a very busy period. Jan starts her theatre tour tomorrow..Two weeks of early mornings and long days. I'm so excited for her because it's what she loves doing. I know I'll sink into the background and be there as support, but seeing her fulfilled and full of life is something wonderful. It's an adventure and is the next step in the magical reinvention of our lives.


Ps said...

All the very best to Jan.Its really nice to see someone doing what they are passionate about.As regards the cake--share the recipe!:-) Could almost smell it!!:-)