Friday, May 30, 2008

Gestations - 2

I've been fascinated by the appearance of a Violinist who regularly plays in Derby city centre...usually at weekends..his playing is phenomenal.I was musing over the possibility that he is a time traveller...fate appoints his arrival to perform a special piece of music which draws lovers together..he appears in different cities at different times...always playing the same piece of music.Those destined to meet are unaware of each other, but as they stand to listen to his playing, their eyes meet. i think also he may have appeared on the Titanic as she slipped into the waves..during a lull in fighting in the trenches of WW1 as German and Allied troops laid down their weapons to celebrate peace was declared in 1945 in Piccadilly circus...Times Square..Berlin.....

All that from a little sketch...what more will surface?...perhaps I'll get down inot Derby tomorrow and take some photos of him....?


Devil Mood said...

You're a bit of a dreamer, aren't you?