Thursday, May 29, 2008


Right at the beginning of all I do is the sketchbook. It is the gym in which the artist flexes his creative muscles..learns to hone the skills is the windswept cliff top where musings congeal and forms gather themselves..little ideas become bigger ..shapes take on dimension and all is balanced in readiness.
If you have any interest in art...I urge you...keep a sketch book...I have very many of them stretching back decades..all numbered and dated....with in them is contained the flights and fancies of my mind...and as such, they are like a visual journey through my me they remain for my eyes only....for to share them would be like speaking the ramblings of my thoughts out loud....meaning little but to myself.
I often imagine that you can step into my reality and together we'd light a little candle and turn the pages as i reveal the very essence of that which inspires me. So here and now I've decided that I'll do just that. Presented for your delectation and perusal are the doodlings and gestation's of an idea which if you keep your eye on these pages, will become something more substantial...perhaps in a day or two...perhaps in a year of never know


Devil Mood said...

That looks like an interesting story!