Thursday, May 08, 2008

St.Michael's. Willington, Derbyshire.

St.Michael's Parish Church, Willington, Derbyshire, dates back to Norman times ( 1066 and all that).. and there are records of marriages on the site dating back to 1698..I've decided to capture a fairly conventional view here which will have masses of foreground detail. I've only been working on the drawing this evening...we're still decorating and i've spent all day glossing woodwork...THE FUMES!!!...aarrggghhhh!!!


Devil Mood said...

Derbyshire, that's where Mr. Darcy was from...hehe. Just finished reading the book the other day. Took me ages but I liked it.

Niall said...

Dm...Ive never been a great fan of Jane Austin.Incidentally, Charlotte Bronte wrote and based 'Jane Eyre' in another Derbyshire village called Hathersage!