Friday, May 09, 2008

St. Michaels - how to draw grass and flowers

I thought in answer to those who wonder how I do it..I'd show a simple but effective way to create believable and detailed grass and flowers. Firstly I've randomly scribbled in lines representing grass making sure the leaves arch in differing directions and sketched in the outline of some aim is to keep the flowers free of any lines for the time being. I then start to shade in blocks between the lines.

It's a fairly random activity, but I try to look for continuations of grass leaves ..I'm also trying with this picture to keep most of the 'cross hatching ' lines in the same direction. in this case, right to left.

Once I'm happy with the area, I rub out the pencil lines giving me a clearer picture of the forms and lines I've suggested. It is now that any further shading can be added.

Not a very clear photo, but the next step is to lightly draw lines over the whole area taking care to leave the flower clear.

Now it's time to add a little depth by adding yet darker shading onto the grass, it's up to you to decide which are darker (making them appear buried deeper in the shade) or lighter (making them appear to catch the light). I've also accentuated the petals of the flower.

Her is the finished area. Of course, I may go back to pick out further details as and when I like. Below is a photo of the whole composition showing the area completed in relation to the church.I will have to use this technique extensively if i am to fill up the entire foreground.


Devil Mood said...

My God, don't you get cross-eyed? 8P

Julie Schuler said...

Pretty nifty little method. And you've just been banging them out!