Monday, May 12, 2008

St. Michael's Church.

St.Michael's Church.
Willington,South Derbyshire.
Ink on watercolour paper
27x17 cm.

I've put the finishing touches to this picture today...this along with the three other examples will be available as half size mounted prints. I went to visit the venue for my exhibition this evening and met the organizer. It's always exciting preparing for a show...I'll be exhibiting with 11 other artists in an old school which is now used as a community can see a write up on the other artists (including me!) by visiting Willington Arts Festival exhibitors.


Bob-kat said...

I love this piece. I especially like the rodents eye view looking up from the grass and dandelions. Is it an accident that the POV is very steeply up looking past the past the gravestones adn beyond the tower of the church towards the heavens?