Friday, May 23, 2008

Irongate - 7.

I don't know what the grey bands are that have appeared on my photo here...I'm not going to reshoot the pic. We're off in a short while to hang my pictures at the Willington Arts Festival. We have from 6pm till 10pm to do it....i've had some recent pictures framed and they're looking wonderful...especially 'PWM' and 'Ball Of Wool'...I'll of course publish photos here of them hanging and other stuff at the show. I've also got a big pile of prints to sign and wrap...which we'll do later tonight.

I've also got to pick up a car that my good friends Chrissie and David are lending to's one of those two seater 'Smart Cars'...Jan is away acting over the next couple of days, and she needs the i'm going to have fun zipping around the country lanes in a giant motorized roller skate.
See you tomorrow..


Devil Mood said...

Do not underestimate the motor of that Smartie. It is a Mercedes after all, isn't it?

Work well!