Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Lock gates - Finished

The Lock Gates
Stenson Bubble Derbyshire.
Ink on watercolour paper.
27 x 17 cm.

Picture number three of this series is now finished. Now for something a little different for my next piece. I spent some time today lurking about in a grave yard belonging to Willington Parish church.If i really do have to produce work to sell, then i think beautiful little English countryside churches are a necessity. you'll see what I'm up to if you join me tomorrow!


Ps said...

Brilliant Niall.
Wonder if the people in the pic saw it?

Niall said...

PS..Thank you..maybe they'll turn up at the Arts Festival and buy it!!

Bob-kat said...

Just popped over to catch up. Loved the finished PWM. It has great atmosphere to it and I love the finished Lock Gates too. You really nailed the sepia old time look and it has a kind of timeless quality to it. Likewise the Bluebells are glorious!