Saturday, May 31, 2008


In answer to Devilmood...I am a dreamer. you have to understand that my line of work means I spend large amounts of time by myself concentrating.My mind can go to all sorts of places, i enjoy letting my thoughts wander...

Here is a little sketch I just may be wondering where it might come from. Well, to set the record straight, as with all my characters, they are entirely made up, which is what surprised me with one of the earlier sketches..(see yesterday)..when I looked back at one drawing, i realised I'd created Saddam Hussein!...see if you can spot the likeness.

my Violinist , i think is Eastern European in origin...and needs to be wirery...a little unkempt....The photo also contains a free ariel view of my left foot.


Devil Mood said...

Yes, I see Hussein down there on the right.
In a way the way you concentrate is a meditation, cool!