Thursday, May 29, 2008

Irongate - 10's time i finished this ...I've become a little uninterested and more concerned with my next project..but I'll stick with it and get it finished.

The exhibition as always brought me into contact with hundreds of people,many of whom i was able to gain valuable insight into what piques the imagination and interest of the viewer...the most popular work?...well, it was 'Elephant' followed closely by 'Ball Of Wool'. there were various pictures i purposefully left out of the show, but know that when the time comes, they'll generate as much interest.

So my conclusion and the public's was: more surreal/fantastical works like Elephant/Spirit/L'inattendu/Ball Of Wool etc....I'm excited and can't wait to get on with something new...


Julie Schuler said...

I know these sorts of landscapes aren't your favorite vocation, but it really is lovely. I wish I were there. I have begun to delve into landscape as well. Landscapes of Poland. I wish I were there, too. I guess I have itchy feet this spring.