Saturday, May 24, 2008

Willington Arts Festival.

First of all, a big welcome if you're visiting after we met at the Willington Arts Festival today...I hope you are able to explore my blog and investigate works not seen in today's on Finished Pictures to see some more.

Here is the customary 'Niall at work' photograph taken by my staff photographer Annie (aged 7 1/2)..I arrived early enough to put up labels on all the pictures and present my prints in an appealing way. The Festival is in it's first year and therefore no one is certain as to what the response from the local area will be...Despite that, there was a steady trickle of visitors throughout the day and I even managed to sell a few prints and one original!!!

Here's a picture Annie wanted me to show you..just behind me you can see 'PWM'. There follows a small selection of photographs showing my work as it's seen at the exhibition. I hope to show you some of the other exhibitors next time including the work of Nicky ward who i think is a really exciting mixed media artist....Also check out the interesting prints by Miles Tebbutt .


Devil Mood said...

Congratulations on the sales!
Glad it is going well. You've got a lot of work there - I wonder if people have any idea when looking at a first glance.

Julie Schuler said...

Yay! Congratulations. It looks like a nice place to display. It's good to get out and hear the "kudos" every once in a while.

Jonice said...

Well done. Congrats, Niall!

Tys on Ice said...

the paintings are looking r u!

very spiffy u looking old chap :)

lean mean painting machine u...

god, i sound so gay.