Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Irongate - Pencil preparation.

Here's the first photograph as work begins on a new picture..My Derby pictures currently sell as prints via the Tourist Information Centre here in Derby. During my last meeting there a few weeks ago, it was suggested that a few images depicting the 'Cathedral Quarter' would be popular. Westfield opened a large brand new shopping mall in the city last October, and although being very popular, it has drawn trade away from the area I am basing this picture on. the Cathedral Quarter is the oldest area of the city with some very historic buildings. Irongate is the centre thoroughfare and has the Cathedral at the Northern end.

Each day you will see progress on this picture as i create the image entirely with dots of ink..for those of you who are regular'll know what to expect.....although I'm hoping that this particular piece will be finished in a couple of weeks.