Sunday, May 25, 2008

Irongate 8..Exhibition 2

Managed a couple of hours on this piece today..and also managed to sell another original and a few prints...Net and chatted with lots of interesting people throughout the day. to me , it makes it all the more worthwhile if I can talk about my work.

Below are two photographs of a work by Nicky Ward..she uses various bits and pieces that she collects on her travels and creates these magnificent collages.Below you can see a landscape with hills reflected in the water..but on closer inspection, the next photo shows zippers,tickets,scraps of material etc...I love it!


Devil Mood said...

Wow, I'm stunned!
Congratulations to Nicky.

Ps said...

So glad your exhibition went off rally well. You look great in the pics.Your staff photograher has managed to do a great job.(Do tell her i said so)
What a fantastic idea to use the bits collected during travels in a collage.Now I know what i am going to do with those London Underground tickets!(Yes I still have them--still have your card too which travels with me in my wallet now) :-)

Jonice said...

I like it, too!

Have a good week :)

Tys on Ice said...

wow...theres a zip in there..

iam like hypnotised...been staring at the pic to find out wht else it contains...not really sure if i want to know :)

way too cool

Nabeel said...

i don't know why but my fav. object in the painting is the lamp post.

Niall said...

Thankyou all for your lovely comments!!

DM...Yes, nicky's work is stunning.

PS...Little things have big significance.

Jonice...The week will be all the better for having a successful exhibition!

Yysonice...You are right...I stared at the pics for ages and kept noticing various things...very clever.

Nabeel...The lampost does give the scene a sense of history and elegance.