Monday, May 05, 2008

Lock Gates 2...Bluebell Woods

I've shown the full area that the drawing will occupy here, I liked the arm of the gate as it cuts the composition in two...the bottom half of the drawing will show reflections in the water.

Below I've included some photographs taken by Annie my 7 years old daughter this afternoon. Jan took her out to meet some friends for a walk at Caulk Abbey in South Derbyshire.The woods are full of Bluebells which are at their best right now...despite the angles, I think they're beautiful!


Devil Mood said...

Those people look very realistic. Nice pictures and a lovely place. Bluebells - isn't that Geri Halliwell's child? hehe

Ps said...

Wow! Annie too does have an eye for pictures.Tell her I'll be showing them to Purvi and Atul--and please tell her they are amazing.