Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Absurdities - 17 exhibition day 4

Spent the day on my own at the exhibition today.Wanda who I am sharing the gallery with was not able to be I was able to get down to some serious concentration and complete around 5 hours of work. don't get me wrong..I had visitors and sold two prints . The majority of people seem to appreciate and like my surreal images better than the Derby ones...of course i know this and would happily jog along completing many fantastic and surreal pictures...but they don't pay the bill!So I will have to intersperse my work with things that I know will sell.


Devil Mood said...

Now I'm confused Niall. If the majority of people prefer the surreal, why do the real ones sell more? ...hmmm now that I've phrased it, I think I understand.

Niall said...

DM...It does appear to be a contradiction doesn't it?...I suppose I should clarify that my Derby pictures are more widely available and sell at the Tourist Office in Derby... it's my surreal works that get the positive comments during exhibitions.