Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Absurdities - 27

Rubbish day..things aren't going well here,nothing specific, just lots of little things piling up to make large things.I think things would be a lot easier if I were to live in a little hut on a remote mountainside somewhere away from everyone! At least the building work is finished and I'm able to get down to some serious work. I've added another layer of blue over the sky (you can see the progress of the layer as it runs out just before the Hoverfly directly over my head) to increase the depth of colour..no doubt I'll have to go over it again before the picture is finished. I've also started on the clouds which will cover the lower part of the picture..these will slowly deepen in colour to an almost red...I've not decided weather to add any more flying things down there.

I'm sorry to sound a little negative..I just don't want you thinking the life of an artist is all green faeries and happiness!


Devil Mood said...

Wouldn't dream of thinking that!

Julie Schuler said...

You look to be well on your way to completing another magnificent piece.

Jonice said...

C'est la vie, mon ami.
But that was yeaterday.
Have a good day, Niall!

Niall said...

DM...I know..It's just that I find it hard to strike a balance here..I want to tell it like it is, but I don't want to be a 'drain' and moan on and on .All my life i've dreamt of doing this..and now I'm here, it's blinking difficult at times...i've always I suppose had a rosey tinted version of me being an artist locked away as something that i'll achieve one day in a perfect world...well now i've achieved it and it's still an imperfect world and I don't want people to think that i've just stepped into my choice and had a ball..I'm serious about what i do and anything worth anything is worth working for...d'ya know what i mean?

Julie...Thank you.

Jonice...I wish wish i could just 'Pick myself up and dust myself down...'But I will have a good day!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

thanks for clearing that myth. ;-)
BTW I mentioned you in a arte y pico honoring creativity, design, interesting material, and also contrubutes to the blogger community, no matter of language.