Thursday, July 03, 2008

Absurdities - 18 Exhibition day 6.

Sitting at my table, working on my drawing during my exhibition is an interesting experience. Surrounded by literally years of work hanging around me, the images of which almost seem to be peering out of their frames to see what is escaping from my pen..something that might depose their position of importance and significance on the wall.But I like to imagine that they are like siblings, awaiting the arrival of a new child..and instead of the womb, they look down on the forming foetus on the page which will be lifted before them fully grown.

I break off to talk to an elderly couple about how I started dotting at school as a homework project...I explain to a lone woman who asks the meaning of 'Ball Of Wool'...I speak to a teenager about my love of aircraft and trains...Terry Pratchett and Chris Evert.I exchange considered views and opinions with Wanda who is exhibiting her work alongside my own...we share a dislike of pretension.

The sun shines brilliantly through the window as hikers and school outings gather in the courtyard,the man who does the guided tour pops in to ask if we can move our cars away from the little clock on the wall that tells the time of the next tour.Then the heavens open and stair rods of rain smash into the dusty yard and everyone runs into the's warm and humid,raincoats drip and I fear for my non-waterproof inks...but i needn't be worried..each person treats the area like a mausoleum..hardly a breath is heard...reverence?..fear?...respect?...

I smile and try to look serious at the same time..this is my reason to be...please take just a little time to consider what I've created here.....they leave....all is quite and empty again as the sun shrugs off it's grey ghostly cape....the pictures continue to peer...the weight of history lies silently vibrating in the buildings foundations...timbers and window frames....It will soon be time to pack up and go home.


Devil Mood said...

Niall, look out, this exhibition has done something to your brain and you've become one of those poetic bloggers! Is it the pictures peering at you? Is it the mausoleum effect? Is it the birth of a new piece? ...I have no idea!