Monday, July 14, 2008

Builders,Lintels and Breaking the Spell

Please excuse the absense of progress on my picture today..I've had some building work done at home which was necessary!..When we moved into our present house, it was pointed out that there was no Lintel over the window at the back of the property over the dining room.Over time, it has slowly become obvious that things were moving..and cracks had appeared in the brickwork above...thanks to my old friend Phil, it's now put right with new Lintel and brickwork.The window was just below where I work in my no work today.. you'll have to wait till tomorrow for the next instalment.

So for's a piece of music by one of my favourite bands : Pendragon...'Breaking The Spell' is a gorgeous piece from 'The Window Of Life' album..let me know what you think!

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Devil Mood said...

Niall, do all your favourite songs come in 9 minutes format? ;)
This one sounded promising, until the guitar began. I guess I'm not a guitar person, glad you made me discover that lol. Seriously.
I have no idea what Lintel is but I'm sure you did a terrific and necessary job at the house.

The song is not bad, I must say, probably nice to listen to before going to sleep.

Niall said...'s a total falacy that all my favourite songs are 9 minutes long...some of them are much longer!!

The Lintel is (in this case) a steel beam that supports the bricks above a door or window to prevent it collapsing in on itself...which it would have done if we hadn't had the work done!