Monday, July 28, 2008

Sketchbook..Rocket Light houses,Starman, planets and other emerging stuff.

I'm happy to be contradicted here, but I've not managed to find any other artwork online that features Lighthouses blasting off into space. It's an idea which...well, just popped up, and I'm always mindful of the saying "There's nothing new under the sun". So perhaps for the time being I'll run this idea and see how it develops.
Of course, I need to add figures into the equation, and who better than my old trusted friend The Starman? I keep harking back to Oskur in the picture 'Spirit' which I finished earlier in the year. I like the depiction of a character totally engrossed in what he/she is thinking and unaware of those around them.
To populate the sky with flying lighthouses and have the Star man in the foreground seems to me interesting enough to develop. Next I want to add a female or two female characters into the's a little like positioning chess pieces..

I think I've decided on a portrait format for the drawing which will give plenty of space to have the Lighthouses whooshing up into the sky...the only problem being there is that the figures will be fairly tightly packed in, and must therefore balance perfectly together

I have a thing it seems for hands reaching out towards the the Star man shapes a spinning, floating planet ...brings to mind the scene from ET where ET is in Elliot's bedroom and causes all the objects to rise off the table and form a map of his particular part of the galaxy!..(ET by the way, is one of my favourite movies of all time.)


Devil Mood said...

Well, as far as my knowlegde and imagination goes, no, that image never occured to me! Sounds appropriately crazy! And Oskur is becoming so famous!