Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Absurdities - 33 A day on Venus.

Venus was the focus of my attentions today,you can see the results above. Below I've clicked a few 'in progress' shots:
I'm using some reference material gleaned from somewhere on the web..Above I've based my planets on these photos...I've changed the effects and colours to match the sky I have created.The outline for Venus was easy..I just used a compass.

Above, I've added a basic layer of blue to denote the shadow...I'm erasing the pencil so I can see how even the shadow is.

(Above) Here I've put in the cloud patterns that are the storms of chlorine gas which constitute the atmosphere of Venus...I'm using blue and green to achieve the pattern.

(Above) Here I've softened the whole effect and added my beloved Yellow Ochre. Now go to the top of the post to see the finished area in relation to the rest of the picture. Work now begins on the final clouds at the bottom of the page.


Devil Mood said...

Hurray for yellow ochre! I have a shirt that colour myself and love it.
The details are amazing!

the mad momma said...

just bumped into your blog and was floored by your work. The only other time I've encountered something like this was at You are doing a fantastic job. I hope someday to see your work in real life.


Niall said...

DM...Watch out for the bees!

MM..Welcome Mad Momma!...I'll check out the site you mentioned...and as for seeing my work in the flesh...anytime you're in the UK...let me know, or go to see Just a mother of two...she has some of my work!