Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Absurdities - 32....a day on Mars!

I spent the day working on Mars!...Whilst still requiring a few 'tweaks' on the surface detail, I'm now quite happy with the colours , but not being able to have Mars placed in close orbit around the Earth I've had to guess what it would look like.As those of you who have seen the originals close up in the flesh, you'll agree that the reproduction here does not convey the full intensity!..I've posted a close up of the work today below, and whilst it's close to the true colours, the resolution is not so good.

Later on this week I've a planed meeting with the developer of my web site: www.nialleyoung.com who is going to teach me how to update and care for my site. There so much that is not on the site, and i need to write about the processes involved in my particular technique. I'll keep you posted of any changes there!...

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, not only will i be working on Venus all day, but I'll be attending the opening of the Fresh 2 exhibition!


Devil Mood said...

This might be the first time anyone suggested Mars was inhabited by huge bees!