Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Opening Night - Fresh2 Art And Design exhibition.

Here's a selection of photographs from this evening's opening of the 'Fresh 2 Art and Design' exhibition from the 'View From The Top' gallery in Nottingham.

My two pictures are the first anyone sees when they arrive at the gallery!..Here I am with Jan.That glazed look in my eyes is nothing to do with the copious amount of wine on offer!, it was probably the flash on the camera!

Here's my brother Tim and his wife niece , Keren turned her head as I took the photo.
I love galleries..I like to see people engrossed in what they are seeing..

There's no one looking at my pictures...that can't be right!!!

There was a lovely atmosphere..on one of the hottest nights of the year!
From the gallery, you can see the Council House Tower in Market Square... (The Bell in the tower incidentally is called 'Little John after the Robin Hood character!)

Ah!..some admirers at last!
This is the top of the escalator which deposits visitors to the exhibition...
He looks interested ! it you fool !'re looking the wrong way!Turn round!!!

Why are they all going down there?...oh ...that's where the wine table is!
The exhibition is on till 30th August.


Julie Schuler said...

Wow! Congratulations! It looks like a really bustling gallery. Hope you get lots of traffic through there over the next month!

Ps said...

Well done Niall!!
Have already mailed you :)

Devil Mood said...

You and Jan look so smart!
It's great seeing these pictures, made me feel a flutter in my stomach thinking how exciting it must be for you to see those people there looking at your paintings. The place looks great, hope it's a complete success!

Niall said...

Julie..Yes, it's a busy gallery on top of one of the best bookshops (Waterstones) there's a Costa cafe too!There will be a good steady stream of visitors.


DM...You express how i feel when I see others progressing in their chosen fields...Julie is preparing for an exhibition, PS has her wonderful writing sucesses and your Astroskies...when I see these things develop then reach fruition, there is an investment brought about in our links to eachother via Blogger..and I know that at some point , we all have sacrificed time and energy to reach those goals.And that's so exciting...!