Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fresh 2 Art & design July 23rd - August 30th 2008.

I've just got back from Nottingham where I've submitted two framed prints for sale of 'Ball of Wool' and 'Elephant' for an exhibition featuring artists who have worked professionally for five years or less.The good news is that my work has been accepted ! This is a wonderful opportunity for me to exhibit my work in a prestigious gallery in the centre of Nottingham. The gallery attracts buyers and collectors, gallery owners and agents from around the country.
This is the first time I've dabbled my artistic toes in the waters of the 'Serious' art world and I must admit to feeling a little nervous..but staff at the View From The Top gallery were really kind and encouraging. If you're in or around Nottingham City Centre on Wednesday evening between 6pm and 9pm, I'd like to invite you to the opening night. I'll publish photos of the event of course.
The link to the gallery website is here: and the exhibition blog is here:
Ball Of Wool


Devil Mood said...

How exciting! In the land of Robin Hood, of all lands!
I antecipate success. How nice to see Ball of Wool again, it's so colourful and bright, full of life!

Tys on Ice said...


mathew said...

Your work leaves people in awe!!and the images are etched in memory for sometime.