Thursday, July 10, 2008

Absurdities - 23

Here i am showing you the area completed today..I like the contrast between flesh colours and the blue..the golden oranges of the violin will look good too.

A frustrating day however as we try to find a way of getting high quality limited edition prints of recent pictures to be entered into a prestige exhibition. Giclee is a method of producing the best quality prints ..our problems come in the shape of a local reprographics shop who have 'tweaked' the colours in one of my pictures making the print look very different from the original..we also took the disc to the university who also have a state of the art reprographics department...their prints were also very poor.

As the days proceed, it becomes ever more plane to me that I need an agent...I have the contact details of several agencies and will approach them to see if they will represent me.


Devil Mood said...

Hmm an agent, how interesting!