Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Absurdities - 22

starting the sky means an imminent transformation of the entire picture...for you the reader it's hard to imagine where it's going..for me the artist..i know exactly where it's going..but not exactly what it will look like.Density of colour will alter as I go along and get bored with large areas of plain colour.Saying that, I've made plans for some dynamic gradations of colour, and completing the shades on the insects to match the light will be a challenge...If you look carefully at the Hoverfly in the top right of the picture, you will see at present there is a white outline ..this marks where I've dotted sky up to it. In reality, these 'outlines ' do not exist as pure part of the process, I will fade and blend the insect's outline to give a more realistic appearance.

time wise, the picture has so far taken around 73 hours..the area of sky you see here has taken three of those hours!!Do you fancy making a rough calculation as to the total hours involved?


Devil Mood said...

No, it's too scary to even think about it.