Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Photos and floating planets

I need some reference for the Starman's outstretched hand..the problem is to prevent it looking as if he is juggling the planets...I want it to look as if he is willing the planet to hover above his hand .

The strange thing you see in my mouth is the remote control for the camera...I had thought that I might use my right hand in the picture too..however, it looks a little too melodramatic...I'll do a few sketches and see what it looks like.


Devil Mood said...

that sounds like a challenge: not juggling and hovering, I wonder how you can make that difference in the paper.
will you be including the Iron Maiden shirt? ;) kidding!

Niall said...

DM...not sure how i'll achieve the desired effect...but I will. As the the Iron Maiden T-shirt...It will not feature, but i've been a fan since the early 1990's..