Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Anyway 8

Strangely enough..up pops this 'Biggles' character."Right'o chaps..chocks away!"..I think he wanted to appear for a couple of reasons. Since the 'Mad Vicar' represents the universal religion of selfishness and greed..my airman represents selflessness in that given the choice..he'd rather not be hurling himself and his Spitfire into the Battle Of Britain to get shot down..he does it out of a sense of honour duty and pride..oh yes...and his Squadron Leader would 'brain' him if he refused!..so two opposites..what more can I find?


Bob-kat said...

This piece is certainly interesting in how it is evolving! It's sort of a ying/yang relationship with these two characters isn't it? I think it looks much better without the cow parsley - less 'noisy'!

Devil Mood said...

wow, there's someone new there!
You need the Temperance card of Tarot there, the one that balances the opposites and harmonizes everything.

Sue said...

Just checking in to say HI and see what you're up to! Looks interesting, I love the meaning, can't wait to see how it continues to develop.