Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm Tagged....

Preeti, Author of tagged me in a recent post. The challenge is to write eight random facts about myself.The funny thing here is that once I was approached by a man at my Arboretum exhibition who I'd previously met once at my Guildhall exhibition..he remarked that I probably knew very little about him, but since studying my Blog, he knew an awful lot about me! here's some more information.......

1. I'm a big 'Marvel Comics' fan. I used to collect lots of comic books during my early teenage years...and I still have most of them..some very valuable now. My favourite character was The Silver Surfer (pictured above).He always spoke a very poetic language and highlighted Man's obsession with destroying itself and how things should be so very different if only we'd learn to care for our neighbour and help those who suffer.

2. I once appeared on a television news programme as a homeless person eating a bowl of spaghetti Bolognese. (I worked at the homeless centre, we were given a large amount of money by a national funding body , no actual homeless people wanted to be in the film I stood in.)

3.I have in the past really enjoyed dressing up for fancy dress parties..I've been: A gorilla, a Snowman, a French Maid, a ST. Trinians school girl , A nurse, A fairy, a Sheppard...etc I love hosting parties but have not been able to do so for a few years now.

4.At school aged 14 I was able to throw a javelin over 40 metres!

5.When I was still at school, my career plans were to be either an RAF Fighter Pilot or an Artist.(one out of two ain't bad!)

6. When I pour milk on cereal, I like to leave it to go all soggy. ( I love the taste of the milk at the end)

7.I am distantly related to William Ewart Gladstone who used to be British Prime Minister to Queen Victoria!

8.I really enjoy (and here I lose all credibility if I had any) watching Australian Soap 'Neighbours'..I've watched it since 1986! favourite character is Joe Mangle.

Now you know a little bit more about me..consider yourself now (if your not already) Tagged.Let me know if you're taking part by leaving me a comment!


Ps said...

I used to love phantom.Silver surfer resembles him in this pic.

I used to watch neighbours while I was in college!

Amused to know about you being on national TV pretending to be homeless :-)

Equally amused to picture you as french maid :-)

Interesting facts--so glad I tagged you!!

Devil Mood said...

This was definitely entertaining!
I can see the resemblance between you and the PM ;)
And you played a very lucky homeless person eating great food, wasn't it?
The #6 left me a little nauseous.I hate the taste of that milk in the end :P
You watch Neighbours and I watch Eastenders. There has to be a logical explanation.

Niall said...

Preeti..I have been told that I have great legs!

DM..I hope you're joking about my dour misserable looking relative?!:-) I do also watch 'stenders ...there is no logical explanation,just accept it and hold your head up high!