Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Anyway 9

Thank you Bobkat ..Ying and Yang as it were..I like contrasts..rough and smooth..good and evil..happy and sad. I mentioned last week (I think it was) about how an important thing in successful art is the connection to the viewer..the response the viewer gets from the picture, I'm therefore a little 'cagey' as to over explaining and rationalising all the elements of my work now. However, nothings makes me happier than to see someone look puzzled..I then know somethings going on in their minds..even if it's dislike.


Sue said...

I know a lot of artists don't really like to explain their meanings. I would say for myself,though, it really helps my connection to the picture (or sometimes song, or whatever) to deepen.

Keep on dottin'!

Niall said...

Hi Sue..good to hear from you..I'll drop by your site soon.
I have many deep explanations for some of my pictures, it's something I get asked often at my exhibitions..I actually like talking about what what they mean.

Gold88 said...

Ok so art is all about evoking emotions.

Niall said...

Thank you Gold 88..i've replied via your email. but yes it is true to say that evoking emmotions is part of what we do..