Friday, June 29, 2007

Gamesll - 4 Exhibition day 5

WOW..what a difference a day with sunshine makes!...Today I had over 100 visitors to the exhibition, and sold quite a few prints! This is a very good thing!..despite any lofty ideals i have, we still need to pay the bills ..and now we are able to!I actually really enjoyed the day.I was able to talk to some very interesting and knowledgeable people. Also it was good to see Terry and Jane who I used to work with in 1990's..we've not meet since around 1993!!Also big hellos and thank yous to Mrs Grimmitt,Mrs Lester and Mrs've helped me regain a bit of satisfaction regards all the trouble we go to, putting on an exhibition.

Worked around 6 hours today..all on the tree.I'll post a view tomorrow showing you the scale of the'll understand why it is slow going! I'm actually concerned about the weather tomorrow and Sunday..the 'Met Office' has issued severe weather warnings for Derbyshire over the next 24 hours..with the ground already soaked to capacity, the prospect of further flooding is very real..stay tuned for news tomorrow!


Ps said...

wow..thats great to hear..I do hope the expected flood is not too bad.
lots of news from my side.Will mail you!

Devil Mood said...

I hope the weather's not so bad, but judging from the rain at's bad :(
It must be an amazing feeling to sell your pictures. You're doing something that you love and people pay, that is good! :)

Niall said...

PS..I will also write when i've got some peace and quiet!..thankfully, no floods this time!!

DM..I used to feel embaressed to sell, but now I take it as a great complement. It's a great privilage to know my work is cherished by someone and hangs in their home.