Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Games ll - Exhibition day 3

First of all. I'd like to offer a big welcome to anyone who has logged on to view my work as a result of meeting me at Cromford. I hope you'll enjoy seeing my work develop and you'll also look back into my archives to see how other pictures were created.

I spent around 5 1/2 hours dotting away on this picture today..the blue tint is my cameras way of complaining about 'Too much white''ll get better as it develops. The roads were clear today as the flood water had subsided,it was hard to believe that such 'devastation' seen yesterday had all but dried up/drained today. However there are thousands with ruined property across the region as rivers burst their banks sympathy if you are one of them! ! Here's me and below are the pictures as they were hung by me..all a bit haphazzard but OK.


Ps said...

Good luck with the exhibition.You did manage to hang them without Jan.Not bad at all.
Tried to enlarge the pics but couldnt see it enlarged for some reason.

Devil Mood said...

I have to agree that it looks a bit chaotic there, but it goes with the weather. It doesn't really matter anyway.
I hope it's going well despite all the commotion with the floods. This weather is getting scarier by the minute.

Al said...

Trust it is going well NIall! Unfortunately it is now raining here again and the forecast looks pretty grim for the weekend. I am playing it by ear to see if we are able to come down...

Hopefully you will have had some good conversations today and i eagerly await the next post to see progess on the picture.

Serious pictures of floods in Derbyshire by the way!!!!!

Niall said...

glug glug glug!