Monday, June 25, 2007

Games ll -1 Cromford Mill Exhibition Day 1

Here's a little photograph of the location for my current exhibition, The Mill at Cromford was built by Sir Richard Arkwright in 1771 and was the world's first water powered cotton spinning mill.Today it's designated a 'World Heritage Site' and is a venue for tourists, historical societies, students and Artists..(that's me !). Today was all about the weather..extreme conditions in the Midlands meant over a months rainfall fell in just a few hours.Floods were all over the place and driving was hazardous.The visitors to my exhibition were therefore reduced as it was not a day to be walking out in the Peak District!
I managed to get my pictures hung. However I was then left to sit for six hours and draw, listen to the rain and wonder why I forgot to pack my CD player.(will take it tomorrow!). The new version of 'Games' is now underway. A particularly nasty looking character has developed.Since this photo was taken, I have redefined the obscured left looks much better now.I will work on the 'Tennis Girl's' face tomorrow.


Al said...

Hi Niall, hope that the exhibition is going well. Hopefully it will get busier as the weekend approaches. The weather has been utterly grim though and cant have helped at all.

Anyway, hope your ok!

Ps said...

Loaction is very picturesque.Good luck Niall.