Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Extreme weather has meant many places in the Midlands are under water. This is a photograph of the road through Ambergate which I should have gone along today..as it was, it was closed along with many other routes to my place of exhibition..it wouldn't have been so bad if i could have got out of Derby, but a major road became flooded also resulting in 'gridlock' throughout the city.

Then i listened to a reporter on the local radio station telling us how the river Derwent threatened to burst it's banks alongside the gallery where my work is hanging..as far as i know, it didn't. So you'll understand why I stayed at home today.

I'll attempt to get in tomorrow....meanwhile you can view other photos by clicking the link below!



Devil Mood said...

What a shame, having the exhibition and not being able to go. And what a catastrophe for many people :(

Ps said...

The newspapers in india too carried a few photos of these.Fury of nature.Isnt man really powerless against it?