Sunday, June 10, 2007

Time Transfixed

Since I've done very little work today, I thought I'd share with you one of my all time favourite paintings. It's by Rene Magritte and is called 'Time Transfixed' and was painted in 1938. When I was at Art College back in 1979 ..the 'class' were given the task of choosing a two dimensional picture and making a three dimensional version of it. I chose this one and made a full size replica including fireplace and mirror and locomotive of which the boiler was around 5 inches in diameter, made out of wood, and was turned on a lathe. It all looked fantastic and I've got some transparencies of it still.

The meaning Magritte wanted to relate in this picture is not difficult to unravel. He is quoted as saying he wanted to juxtapose the scale and familiarity of two objects: the Steam Engine and the fireplace..both of which burn coal and have chimneys. It is for this reason that 'Surrealism' strikes a chord with me..the act of putting a familiar object in a totally familiar but unexpected context.


Bob-kat said...

Oh yes, surrealism is excellent for working the grey matter as well as exercising the eyes :)

Ceci n'est pas une pipe!

Devil Mood said...

I had forgotten that was the main principle of surrealism. It's great. I really love Magritte. And I love how surrealism matches and blends with psychoanalysis and important philosophical changes of that time.

Niall said...

BK..ah yes..the Pipe..I had a very interesting debate with a group of friends a while back about that one..I posted a copy of that piece and asked people to comment on what they thought it was..

DM..Yes you're right..although I'm not totally familiar with the Psychoanalyist does however prompt discussion and 'healthy' debate on the nature of reality, dreams and symbolism.