Thursday, June 28, 2007

Games ll - 3

Very quiet at the exhibition for most of the day. sold one print.Still, the day was notable for one thing..excepting a 20 minute lunch break, i worked on the picture for a solid 6 hours!!!!!I've never worked for so long in one session. I broke off to talk to a couple of visitors ( which was great actually talking to someone who was interested)..there are still many who just walk in, glance around and makes me want to lock the doors and scream " do you know how long it's taken me to produce this work..the least you can do is pretend to be interested!"..but of course I wouldn't.


Devil Mood said...

Well, you sold one. That's good!

Niall said...

Yeah!!Woo Hoo!..will buy a villa in Portugal to retire to!!..:-/